Our Mission

Bigelow Cooperative is a non-profit early education and care facility committed to providing an extended family experience and a safe and caring environment for children. The program is designed to nurture the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of children from 3 months to kindergarten age. Parents take an active role both in and out of the classroom.

Non-Profit Early Education

Our goal is to nurture a love of learning by treating children as responsible, competent, and capable learners in an environment that promotes independence, creativity and curiosity. In admitting families and hiring teachers, Bigelow strives for cultural diversity. Bigelow admits students without regard to race, cultural heritage, religion, political beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation, or the marital status of parents.

Equity and Diversity

Bigelow Cooperative is dedicated to fostering equity and diversity among its students and teachers. Our anti-bias curriculum is committed to the principle that every child deserves to develop to his or her fullest potential. The heart of anti-bias work is a vision of a world in which all children are able to blossom, and each child’s particular abilities and gifts are able to flourish. We respect one another’s differences and accept all members of our community. Our curriculum encourages children to sow seeds of empathy, so each child can imagine being in another’s shoes. Empathy is a key ingredient in intellectual growth.

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