Learning at Bigelow

Learning at Bigelow

Love of Learning

We offer a Reggio Emilia-inspired, play-based curriculum. Bigelow views children as competent, capable individuals and empowers them to be active participants in their own learning. Nurturing a child’s love of learning begins at birth. At Bigelow, our emergent, theme-based curriculum takes advantage of children’s interests.

Creative Thinkers

We encourage creative development through activities that are meaningful and relevant to a child’s life experiences. Young children express ideas in many different ways, including words, gestures, drawings, paintings, sculpture, construction, music, dramatic play, movement, and dance.

The Bigelow curriculum allocates time for diverse play experiences, and offers a wide variety of learning materials and play environments. The curriculum integrates the natural process of exploration and problem-solving with units on literacy, math, science, social studies and the arts, and incorporates resources for children with different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).


Our Teachers

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