Community helpers

Who are community helpers and what do they do?

For the past month in Rainbow 3 we have been working on a unit about community helpers.  We decided to do this unit after observing many of the children pretending to be doctors during their morning play.

We began by discussing who are helpers in the community.  We felt this would be a great way to organically include social studies in our curriculum.  The children were ready for this conversation and made a list of helpers which included: doctors, dentists, nurses, musicians, florists, teachers, garbage collectors and farmers.  The children knew that these people help the community by keeping us safe, keeping things clean, and making or growing things for us to eat.

  • Doctors
  • Taking care of friends
  • Patients in a hospital
  • New vocabulary
  • First Aid kits
  • My bones!
  • Visit from a real doctor
  • Dentists
  • Tooth paste painting
  • New vocabulary
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