Love of learning

Love of learning

Nurturing a child’s love of learning begins at birth.  At Bigelow, our emergent, theme-based curriculum takes advantage of children’s interests.



Which flowers did Rainbow 2 see on our walk?

After two children brought in flowering plants that they had gathered on their way to Bigelow, the teachers of Rainbow 2 decided that it would be fun to work on identifying all the flowers that the class sees on their daily walks. The children already knew several by name (the class enjoys singing "The Forsythia Song" every time we encounter its bright yellow petals).  But this time we stopped to take photos of every flower we saw. The children then used these photos as inspiration for several artistic explorations of flowers using different media. In addition to flowering plants, the children of Rainbow 2 routinely collect rocks, sticks, leaves, and other treasures to bring back to our Nature Box for further investigation.

  • Rainbow 2 goes flower hunting
  • Daffodils
  • Daffodils in collage
  • Pansies
  • Pansy stamp paintings
  • We saw brilliant red Tulips
  • Painted tulips
  • last but not least
  • Recreating the Forsythia
  • When I look through it, it's big!
  • This branch is an 'F.'
  • Letter recognition!


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