Creative thinkers

Creative thinkers

We encourage creative development through activities that are meaningful and relevant to a child’s life experiences.  Young children express ideas in many different ways, including words, gestures, drawings, paintings, sculpture, construction, music, dramatic play, movement, and dance.


Rainbow 4 designs complex machines

After learning to use simple machines in class, Rainbow 4 applied their knowledge in the real world.  On a field trip to the Museum of Science, the children saw a variety of complex machines, then returned to the classroom to design their own!

  • Exploration
  • Teamwork
  • Experiences outside the classroom
  • Simple to complex
  • Fascinating complexity
  • "pulley"
  • Let's make it our own

Photos: Lauren (teacher), Charan Devereaux

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As children apply their knowledge in the real world, Bigelow also seeks to make a connection between classroom, community and citizenship.

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