Learning at Bigelow

Learning at Bigelow

  • Research-based curriculum, inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy.

    Bigelow views children as competent, capable individuals and empowers them to be active participants in their own learning.

  • Music, exercise and movement.

    Resources for kinesthetic learners are incorporated into daily activities.  Noted local children's performer Hugh Hanley visits our classrooms twice a month.




  • An accomplished teaching team.

    Our teachers provide experiences that “provoke” children’s thinking by asking guiding questions and carefully documenting the children’s work. We have an extraordinary retention rate with four staff members having worked at Bigelow for over 20 years.

  • A state-of-the-art educational space.

    Bigelow’s warm, contemporary new home was designed by an in-house architect with children and community in mind.

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