Bigelow takes the Cardboard Challenge!

Bigelow takes the Cardboard Challenge!

Bigelow has been inspired by the story of Caine Monroy, a boy in East Los Angeles who spent his summer vacation at his dad’s auto parts store, building an elaborate arcade from cardboard shipping boxes.  One day a filmmaker named Nirvan stopped to buy a door handle for his car, and became the first customer for the arcade.  Inspired by Caine’s creativity, Nirvan came back to make a short film about Caine’s Arcade.  The video went viral, and a movement began to foster creative play for kids everywhere.  After receiving a tremendous, world-wide response to the film, a non-profit has launched the annual Cardboard Challenge to foster creativity and entrepreneurship -- and now over 100,000 kids participate across 50 countries.  You can watch the movie and learn more at


Bigelow parents join the fun

Using recycled materials, the parents divided into five teams to see who could make the most beautiful and/or practical object.  Bigelow teachers served as judges, and gave parents a few pointers on working with recyclables.  

  • Parents set to work
  • We will build a zoo
  • The "A1" Zoo
  • Building a dragon
  • New mascot for Bigelow?
  • The Recycled Commuter Rail
  • Thanks to everyone for participating!

Photos: Melinda Weber

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